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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1076

 Roxanne Bittman wrote:
>Subject: SAE dietary preferences
... Those other things include
>just about anything you feed your fish with as well as your fine-leaved
>plants.  I have seen them nibble on Mayaca fluviatilis and they decimated
>my Rotala wallichii....
 I would add that mine
>(which are "real" SAEs so far as anybody can tell) ignore what we commonly
>call hair algae,...
>The other thing I don't care for about SAEs is their tendency to get
>territorial toward their own kind.  I had three in a 20gal tank and the
>slightly larger, and therefore dominant, one always chased the other two
>away from food.  They actually starved to death.  Now the dominant one is
>alone and will remain that way.

It's hard to believe that you have the same fish that I do. I repeat that
my huge SAEs (4 inches) never eat any plants and I have fine and soft
leaved plants. They *do* eat algae all the time though they eat fish food
too. They are certainly not aggressive to each other or any other fish. I
don't think what you have can be SAEs or if they are, maybe they were
raised by a Kribensis! <g>

in glorious sunny,cool Vancouver