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Lights and List

>From: George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com>
>Whoa!  Your question was about obtaining an inexpensive, high output
>light hood with the stipulation that you could not DIY.  There were at
>least three responses, one of which suggested better quality 40 w
>bulbs or MH bulbs.  The responses pointed out that you could NOT buy
>high output light hoods cheaply and suggested some alternatives with
>as little DIY as possible. I apologize for the collective APD that we
>could not come up with the answer you were looking for.

Well, I guess I have gone and done it now. I made George mad.

George, to the best of my recollection I posted two messages to the list.
The first was about an inexpensive setup, and you are right about the three
post I received. I remember them agreeing that I was dreaming if I thought I
was going to get out of this venture with a shirt on my back. One even went
so far as to send me a detailed method of the DIY you mentioned. When I
could not find the parts locally, I abandoned the idea. Besides that, most
of the DIY stuff I have done are so amateur looking, they have to be the
hide-away type.  That is my fault, no one else's.

Because of the three answers I received, I quickly decided to go the
commercial route.  I researched my FAMAs, looked at your site, the Krib, and
many, many more, and decided that it would be best for ME to go with VHOs.
However, before I spent the $550 for the hood and the electrical parts
(including two Aquasuns), I did an archive search using every keyword I
could think of. Like I mentioned earlier in a post to Roni, I sent emails to
the people who asked basically the same questions I was asking. One, who
posted the question in 1995, did write me back with his opinions which I
appreciated a lot.

Then I posted the question about VHOs and Aquasuns and got only TWO answers.
One was the same person I wrote to earlier. The other was from someone who
told me to stay with the Tritons and use plant nutrients? That was it for
the posts.  Of course, I was disappointed and I believe you would have been

George, you have been a great resource for all of us. I have read your
material over and over again. I can understand the frustration that must
build up when someone asks for the umpteenth time how to do the most basic
things.   Please understand my disappointment when I ask for help and all of
a sudden no one seems to have ever heard of Icecap VHO ballasts or Aquasuns.
Maybe that was bad day to post. Who knows? Regardless of the lack of
answers, I think this is a GREAT resource that I will use for a long time to

Thanks for answering. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Ken Guin
Kenguin at erols_com