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Lights and List Questions

From: Roni Talukdar <RTalukdar at mail_utexas.edu>
>  This is not meant as a personal attack on either of you; I've just
>noticed a lot of these questions being asked over and over recently.  In
>the future, please check the archives and the Krib before getting upset
>that your question is not answered.


You are the second person who has told me to go to the archives before I ask
questions on the list.  I DID go to the archives. While there were a lot of
QUESTIONS on the list and the archives concerning VHO ballasts, there are
very few NO ANSWERS.  I see that a lot on the list - QUESTIONS but NO
ANSWERS. I guess the ones with the experience just get burned out after

I agree with you though: anyone who doesn't do research in the archives is
really missing out. This is by far the easiest archive I have ever used on a
list.  There are some you have to deal with inane Unix commands before you
can get anything out of them.

If someone out there can find something in the archives that I missed,
please give me a "keyword" I can used to find it. The subject of my query
was AquaSuns with VHO Icecap Ballasts. I know there are people out there who
have them, and I sure would appreciate someone telling me if they have been
satisfied with them. I did find several posts asking the same questions in
1995 and I wrote each of them. Only one person wrote me back. I also got two
answers to my post on the list. However, one of them was the person who had
also written back me from the archive query.

I know it looks like many things have been answered on the list, but if you
look closely, I believe there are a lot more questions than answers.

Thanks for the hints regarding your setup. That is definitely what I was
hoping for.

Ken Guin
Kenguin at erols_com