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Power Compacts

Jeromy wrote:

>>> After discussing my predicament with my local supplier (i.e. pet store),
his bias opinion Power Compacts were the way to go. Efficiency,
effectiveness, and free installation was main selling points. I have two
major hang-ups that maybe you all could help me with.

  #1 - Are they as effective or more effective than other forms of

  #2 - The cost quoted is $656 including 4 - 96 watt lights, full pine
          cooling fan (I wonder what that is for), and delivery to my
          (a bonus since I don't have access to a truck).  Is this cheap
am I 
          getting a snow job?>>>

I use Power Compacts and am quite pleased with them.  The 6700 K bulbs
put out attractive light which photographs well in my view.  They are
certainly not the cheapest form of lighting in terms of initial
investment.  Long term costs/efficiency will be function in part of the
life of the bulbs which allegedly is one year or longer.  I have year
old bulbs in one of my fixtures and there is no obvious deterioration in
lighting or plant growth.  I don't *think* you're getting a snow job re
price.  The 4-96 fixture is expensive.  To give yourself additional
comfort check the price with Champion Lighting, a mail order outfit that
carries CustomSeaLife fixtures.  They have an 800 phone number which I
don't have handy at the moment.  My LFS has always been willing to match
Champion's price which required a 10%-15% discount.

Power Compacts are bright lights which produce a fair amount of heat.
The fan is for cooling.  I don't have a fan and the temperature in my
125 goes up a couple of degrees F. during the day.  I would use a fan in
future setups.

One other comment:   With the "S" series Nupro needle valve (see
archives) I'm more convinced than ever that CO2 controllers are
unnecessary.  One can find the "sweet" spot as George puts it and obtain
just the CO2 levels that one wants.  As long as initial price is not
your driver, take the money you were thinking of using for a controller
and indulge yourself in the lighting of your choice :-)

Regards, Steve Dixon