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Corallife fluorescents

Oh my, a subject I know something (too much) about.  Corallife Trichromatic 
bulbs are a triphosphor, full spectrum bulb with a Kelvin rating of 6500.  
They have a "greenish" look to the human eye.  They are quite bright - 
don't know the lumen number.  I think CRI has to be in the 90s.

It is different from the Triton, which is also a triphosphor, full spectrum 
bulb.  The Triton's K=5700 (I think) and also has a CRI in the 90s.  It is 
a bright bulb.  It's look to your (well, ok, my) eye is more pink-purple.  
I like to use both of these bulbs to acheive a more naturl-looking tank.  
All Trichromatics can be a little too green and I don't care for the 
reddish glow of too many Tritons.  

Since I have a light fixture and ballast from Energy Savers (makers of 
Corallife products), I seem to be dependent on _their_ bulbs.  Tritons and 
other kinds burn out or don't light up at all.  People considering the 
Energy Saver's setups should note this as a warning!  

I will be trying out the Corallife Spectra Max and Color Max to try to get 
a good color in the tank soon (I like to mix one or two lights with the 
Trichromatics to "fix" the color for my eye; this is only after I make sure 
the light is full spectrum and of sufficient lumens, etc.).  Hope this 

Roxanne Bittman