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Which lights

Jeromy Shepherd wrote:

> I have a 125 gal tank sitting empty do to my confusion over what lighting
>would  be optimal. After researching fluorescent lighting (8 - T8 36"
>to VHO (High start up cost and low efficiency), Metal Halide (heat and
>radius of lighting per light), and now the new number one this week, Power
>Compact lights.


I had the same problem a few weeks ago. I called four mail-order places and
got their best ideas and they were ALL different (either they were against
VHO and for compacts or vice versa). Of course, they all offered different
opinions regarding bulbs too. I also searched the Web and even left a note
on the APD.  I found a lot of information on the Web, but only got two
responses from the APD. One response said that I should keep my old Tritons
(12 tubes of 15W each).  The other response was from someone who had been
using VHO and aquasun tubes for three years and loved them.  I must say that
I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of response I received from the
APD. There seemed to be more interest in what the word "combative" means or
if plants think or not.  I am sure we will soon see a thread relating to how
many angelfish can dance on the head of a pin?????

Anyway, since I have a 110g tank, the 160 watts are not giving me the amount
of light I think I need for nice plants - they are doing okay, but not
flourishing.  So,  I really think I need to go with more power.  The
compacts sounded very nice until  I got to the price part - this discount
store with usually very good prices recommended that I get the compacts for
a nice price of $750. Well, no thanks to that. Besides, I also heard that
the colors (Kelvin temps) are more in line with reef tanks than freshwater
plants.  I did not confirm that though.

I finally contacted http://www.aqualink.com/direct/ and ended up ordering a
canopy with an electronic VHO Icecap ballast (Model 660) with two aquasun
tubes (including end caps) for $549 for everything. That setup will give me
320 watts which should do me quite nicely.  The only problem with the order
though is that instead of the original two weeks delivery they originally
promised, they are now claiming it will take six weeks (they have someone
else make the canopies).  They have been responsive so far, so I am hoping
they will deliver in the six weeks. I can wait.

Hope this helps,

Ken Guin
Kenguin at erols_com