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buying on the internet

Shane wrote an "internet question":

> particular experience with a site at www.where2go.com\4sale . One person =
> did reply back and I really appreciate it, but I was hoping there might =
> be more of you out there that could give me some insight into the safety =

I'm unfamiliar with where2go, but I have purchased items from Internet
auctions (computer equipment only).  I only use those that have been
around for a while and haven't been totally dissed in Usenet.  You can
search in Dejanews for comments from others regarding where2go, if you
wish.  Buyer beware, and be absolutely certain of what you're

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Oh boy, I'm not sure which is more obnoxious: HTML copies of the
message or encoded binaries of proprietary word processor text as
email messages.

Richard Masoner, in cold overcast Champaign Illinois where snow is in
the forecast for tonight, and still using elm with vi to read/write mail.