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Re: The Great SAE search

>>Another observation.  Keep looking, asking and checking.

I just purchased a real SAE from my LFS last night. It is huge, at least
4 inches long. I brought the SAE article from the Krib with me and sure
enough, it was a true siamensis - stripe from the tip of the nose to the
end of the tail, transparent fins, zig-zag pattern on the stripe, black
scale edges on the back, etc.

I had tried to get SAE's from this LFS before but they got me regular
Flying Foxes. Last weekend, I went to the store and noticed a tank full
of Rainbow fishes and plants labeled "Hold - do not sell". They were big
beautiful Rainbows, but upon close examination, I noticed an adult SAE
swimming in there. I asked an employee about that tank and he said that
the fishes belong to a customer whose tank had sprung a leak and that
they were holding the fishes for him while the tank was fixed. They told
me to check back later in the week to see what the owner would
eventually decide to do with them. Well, I called yesterday and they
said that the fishes were now for sale, so I immediately put a hold on
the SAE and bought it after leaving work.

For those of you with adult SAE's, do they continue to eat algae, or do
they develop a taste for flakes and forget about the algae? I guess I'll
find out...


Guillermo Vega-Toro
guillermo_vegatoro at stercomm_com
Lewiswille, TX