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Re: Power Compacts

Don Hutton
11/13/97 07:17 AM
From what I've read about power compact lighting, it's really not any more
efficient in terms of lumens per watt than conventional fluorescent or
metal halide, hence the need for the fan.  As far as I know, the T8 lights
are slightly more efficient.  Most of the claimed efficiency improvement of
the power compacts is due to the use of electronic ballasts, which are also
used with the T8 lights and are available for conventional fluorescent
bulbs.  I think the biggest issue with power compact lighting is the cost
of relamping.  The 96 watt bulbs cost about $50.  Therefore, it will cost
you $200 to replace your 4 power compact bulbs, versus around $75 to
replace 8 T8 lamps.