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Power Compact

  I have a 125 gal tank sitting empty do to my confusion over what lighting
would  be optimal. After researching fluorescent lighting (8 - T8 36" lights)
to VHO (High start up cost and low efficiency), Metal Halide (heat and small
radius of lighting per light), and now the new number one this week, Power
Compact lights. 
  After discussing my predicament with my local supplier (i.e. pet store), in
his bias opinion Power Compacts were the way to go. Efficiency,
effectiveness, and free installation was main selling points. I have two
major hang-ups that maybe you all could help me with.

  #1 - Are they as effective or more effective than other forms of lighting?

  #2 - The cost quoted is $656 including 4 - 96 watt lights, full pine
          cooling fan (I wonder what that is for), and delivery to my house 
          (a bonus since I don't have access to a truck).  Is this cheap or
am I 
          getting a snow job?

  Currently I have a 20 lb. CO2 tank, regulator and needle valve, 125 gal
tank and stand. I plan on using little to no filtration, maybe power heads
adapted to a sponge for mechanical filtering only.  1/3 kitty litter 2/3 #2
gravel for substrate. Dupla fertilizing system, plus a CO2 controller is a
very strong possibility depending on financing at the time, may have to wait
a few months :-(

  Thanks for all your help in the past, I am sure this ? will be a piece of
cake for the group.

Jeromy Shepherd
(Air conditioner broke yesterday, smothering in Tampa Bay's low 80s, waiting
on repair!)