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The Great SAE search.

Hello again, 
   Another observation.  Keep looking, asking and checking.
In my quest at all the LFS for SAEs I am sure the wholesaler that Handles
most of the stores in this area got numerous requests for these little
guys.  Well, after I got mine mail order from Uncle Neds I visited my
regular LFS and guess what they said they just got in:)  When I got back to
the tanks and looked I found a batch of False SAE:(  I looked and looked
and not a one of them had a stripe that continued to the tail.  I was
disappointed, but not as much as the store.  Well tonight 3 weeks later I
was doing a weekly walk through.  As I was waiting for him to bag up my
Melanotaenia praecox purchase I glanced into their 90 gal goldfish tank.
They always have a few CAE in there, but tonight this little guy caught my
eye.  I looked at him a little closer and Damn if it wasn't a SAE!  I asked
when he got the SAE in and he smiled and said that he was one of the false
SAE he had tossed in there.  Well he had doubled in size and sure had that
stripe continuing into his tail.  He looked just like the ones in my tank
now I couldn't belive it.  I had looked in the tank full of false SAE in
the beginning looking for a stray true SAE and then again tonight, but he
had caught the ONLY one and put it in a tank I never look in:)  I am still
curious if the other juvenile fish may truly be SAE.  I do not think so I
think the true SAE was a convict.  But we will keep our eyes on these guy
and see what happens.  Oh then the kicker was the employees said when he
had placed this weeks order with the same Wholesaler he said that the SAE
they sent were False SAE.  The reply by the Wholesaler was yeah I know.  So
it sounded like the wholesaler probably got a batch of false in and wanted
to get ride of them.  

So as others have said before, keep looking for that one stray SAE in the
tank of flying foxes or false SAE and so on.  Especially if you asked them
to get some.  You never know.  

See ya,
Jeff Dietsch
Man is it getting cold in Philly tonight, lows in the low 20's.