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My internet question.

A few sessions ago I asked if anyone out there had any experience with auction sites as a means of buying various aquaria supplies, in particular experience with a site at www.where2go.com\4sale . One person did reply back and I really appreciate it, but I was hoping there might be more of you out there that could give me some insight into the safety of engaging in a purchase of this nature, any problems or good things that people have experienced, any insight at all. The sight I mentioned has some pretty good deals on some plants, tanks, and a pair of breeding Pigeon Blood discus. I'm really tempted to try it, but I would like feedback from some of you who have either tried this before or have at least seen the sight and can give me your impression as to the validity of the sight. Thanks for your input!
Shane in Oxnard, CA where we finally got some rain from the mighty El Nino!