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Hi people,

Has anyone tried using 2 one liter bottles in place of 1 two liter
bottle. I'm doing this now, however, C02 production is only lasting
about a week. I halved my 2 liter recipe (would get upwards of 3 weeks
production) and stagger the start dates, I redid all hose connections,
no leaks. The amount of C02 being generated, while it lasts, is keeping
everything in my 29g about where I want it: k5, ph 6.6-6.8 am, 6.8-7.0
pm. I figure that using multiple small bottles with staggered start
dates would, in effect, stablize Co2 production as much as possible. The
recipe I have had the most luck with (2 liter) is from a post of Karen
Randalls from back in March of 95 (Petpro Forum): 2 tsp yeast, 3 cups
sugar, to that I've added 1 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp whole wheat flour.
For the 1 liter bottles I'm simply halving the quantities.

Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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