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Hi everybody,
                   I'm having troubles with algae
I set up my new tank two weeks ago and planted it.
Algae started growing almost as soon as I started the tank. They grew only
on the garvel in the front part of the tank where are no plants.
I didn't care about them but they started growing very rapidly now.
A black layer is covering completely my quarz gravel. I've been adding CO2
keeping it at 10 mg/l but three days ago I started keeping it at 20-25
mg/l, I added the PMDD, but when I knew that the person who prepared it
didn't put in it the nutrients chelated I stopped and started with the
Pflanzengold 7 of Dennerle.
The algae started growing before the PMDD and the CO2, can I get rid of
them just filling the bottom with plants or is there another way? 
My plants seem to be well and they grow fast.

Water parameters:
KH    5
GH    5
NO3  0-5
NO2  0
PH    6.8-7
Water temp 27 C
2.5 watt per gallon (1 Trocal (11hours) + 1 Osram Lumilux (7hours))

To everybody using yeast for CO2. I'm running it directly in a Tetra bell
and my PH and CO2 are very very stable. This is the fourth day of injection
and even if the flow rate got down it's still enough to keep the bell full.
The CO2 in excess will make a big bubble escaping from the bottom of the
bell. Tghis bubble or the frequency at whic it escapes seems to don't
affect the CO2 rate in the aquarium.

Some more details can be known if you ask for
Thanks in advance
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)