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[Fwd: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1069]

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Pat Bowerman wrote:
> > Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 08:28:12 -0800
> > From: Harold Pachtman <harold at azpedeye_com>
> > Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1068
> Harold, I recently experienced a similar problem. I would be
> interested
> to hear more about the details of your outbreak.
> 1. What kind of fertilizer do you use, and how much?
The tank was set  up 7 months ago, with Tetra Initial sticks in the
gravel. 5 cc PMDD added weekly (80 Gal Tank)
   A. Did you notice any signs of nutrient deficiency?

None, my plants are growing fine. I had to get rid of a lot of stem
plants as it was becoming a chore to trim them every week. They grew too

> 2. Did you have any kind of bio-filter disturbance? I.E. recently
> changed filter sleeves

No. I have a Berlin Fluidized bed filter with a Hydro SpongeV before the
powerhead. No other filtration. Water is always very clear.

> 3. Do you know what your iron, nitrate, or phosphate levels were?

I havent tested in a long time, but I did test PO4 when the algae
started. Undectable

> 4. Do you use CO2?
Yes; DIY

> My tank has exhibited nutrient deficiency signs. Specifically, it
> looks
> like potassium has been in short supply, despite my increasing the
> dosage of my usual PMDD. The algae appeared following a green water
> outbreak.

I have never had green water, thank goodness.

 Nitrates appear to be around 4 ppm. (LaMotte test kits) Iron
> is just barely detectable,

Should be 0.01ppm

 and phosphates are undetectable. The algae
> appeared suddenly and spread rapidly. The color is a very dirty,
> darkish brown, to almost black.

That is exactly how mine appears.
It appears now to have peaked, about 3 weeks
> since the first appearance, and seems to be receding.

Mine also seems to have peaked, but does not seem to be receding.

 Green algae has been noticeably absent during this time. I'm talking
totally gone! Now that the brown stuff is receding, I'm noticing some of
the usual green spot algae on the front glass. Also, the ramshorn snails
appear to be making good progress on the brown algae. I'm wondering if
the brown algae is somehow related to a nutrient deficiency. I'm anxious
to hear more about your situation.
My green algae has also gone, but the snails dont seem to be making too
much headway on the black algae. I dont think it is a nutrient
deficiency for this reason:
After all that we each have said, let me relate a finding I noticed this
AM. One large sword leaf lies afainst the front glass at about 4" from
the top of the tank, and then it folds inward so that the very end of
the leaf gets more light, and more direct light. Well, this end portion
has a sudden change from much algae on the portion against the glass to
very little algae on the portion exposed to the light. Ergo, the cause
of the algae must be the shortage or lower intensity of light. I should
mention that I havent changed my bulbs since the tank was set up 7
months ago, and I must therefore assume that they are degraded at least

Harold Pachtman
harold at azpedeye_com
ICQ# 2575158

> > > Subject: Aquatic Plant Vampires

Pat Bowerman wrote:
> Are you sure that this is good advice? Do you really want to use
> malathion in a fish room?
I would assume that the plants are kept away from the fish if they are
being stored for the winter.  With a hand sprayer in a bottle, the spray
can be easily controlled. Also, once the bugs are dead, you could rinse
off the plants. If necessary, the plants could be brought outside for
spraying, and then brought in. A little care and common sense should

Harold Pachtman
harold at azpedeye_com
ICQ# 2575158

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