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RE: agro vs. lab grade

> Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 21:03:19 +0800
> From: "Jonathan Uy" <5js at durian_usc.edu.ph>
> In the practical PMDD information in the Krib there were two grades of 
> and K2SO4 mentioned.  The agro grade and the lab grade.  I like to know
> what most of the hobbyist are using in mixing their PMDD.  Is there a
> difference in concentration of lab grade to agro grade?  There is a huge
> price difference and I wonder if it would make any difference to the
> concentration levels in the aquarium?

The difference, I believe, is in the purity of the chemicals.  Thus I would 
not be concerned about the resulting concentrations of desired chemicals, 
but with what else one might be adding *with* those chemicals.

I have been using agricultural grade KNO3 for a while now with apparent 
success and have just purchased 50 lbs of K2SO4 for $30.  There certainly 
*is* a big price difference.


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