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Triton Question (fwd)

A few days ago, I emailed Adrian Exell about Triton bulbs.  I asked if the 
24" T12 and 36" T8 (and 48" T12) sizes were all there were; apparently they 
are.  What a weird set of sizes.  Unfortunately for me, I want a 36" T12 
since my Rapidstart ballast doesn't deal with T8's at all.  Oh well; at 
least they answered my email.

Message from Interpet: 
> Dear Ms Bittman
> With reference to your e-mail of 30 October to Adrian Exell, which he
> has passed to me, I confirm that the 3ft tubes only come in the narrow
> diameter (T8) and not in the T12 size.
> I cannot answer your question on the RapidStart type ballast, but our
> Consultant for your area will be back in the office next week and he
> will be able to help us, so please be patient and wait until next week
> for an answer on this point.
> Best regards

Please note new email address:
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