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Re: Plant filter etc

Walter & Jeanne Klockers wrote

>I'm a newbee. I've been following the list for a while now, trying to
>decide what I should do with my 80 gal fish only tank. Should I plant
>it, as per most of you folks, with the emphasis upon plants? Or....
>Unfortunately, I find that I can't part with some of my current wet
>pets. I have some nice 7 - 9" eels that I can't bear to part with
>(Mastacembelus circumcinctus and M. aculeatus). They love to burrow. I
>also have some other "sandslingers" in there -- I'm afraid they would
>make a real mess out of everything.

I have a tank full of loach spp. and they just never stop exploring and
digging at things.  In the same tank I also have a bristlenose catfish and
two Hypostomus spp. All in all - a regular bunch of thugs.   As you have
mentioned before Walter - these things not only "consume a lot" but "deposit
a lot too". Therefore a lot of substrate cleaning is required.   I did have
them in a planted tank but the damage levels were such that it was bringing
tears to my eyes.  Consequently they are now in a tank with java fern on
wood - and with plenty of it - it looks quite good. The wood also provides
plenty of shelter for the fish.  Jave fern requires low - moderate light
levels.  I find that I can have this tank as a "demi planted effort"  no CO2
needed - low tech normal aquarium lights - and no need to fertilise the
substrate as everything is on wood.  This also allows for convenient
frequent vacuuming that is required.  The fish are happy - I am happy !!
However, I need to read up on this plant filter system - sorry - no advice.
Hope this is of some help.

BTW  I have four gold nuggets in my main planted tank.  It would apear that
one of them has decided to feed  continually on a java fern.  The browsing
is sufficient to abrade the old leaves to such and extent that the end
result is similar to the Dupla pictures of swords after a britlenoses has
been at work.  It does not touch the new growth. Although expensive - these
catfish look fantastic in a planted tank.  (mind you - they are still small


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