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Aquatic Plant Vampires

I have been bataling plant vampires for over a week now........  Ok let me
back up<<<<< ok, A couple of weeks ago I brought in all my tropical pond
plants to rest over winter in my fish room. A week ago or so I noticed some
aphids on some of my pond plants. I proceeded to squish everyone I could find.
Next day they were back in droves and I noticed a couple on my floating plants
in the fish tank. So again I squuished there little heads to a pulvarine. Next
day... There BACK!!!! damn little greyish black bugs wont give up. Now I have
a squishing routine every other day. Wait! did some one say free fish food and
I am a lucky S.O.B.   Well my fish don't like this particular flavor of buggy.
Any suggestions. They particularly like the aponogetons flower stalks.