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Green algae

Hi all,
    I've been on the list for a while, and I am now faced with a bit of
an algae outbreak.  The real problem here is taht I can't tell what kind
I have.  It is a very pretty green color (dark almost a kelly green) and
it grows in sheets that cover everything.  When I say taht it grows in
sheets I mean that it is easily removed and when wiped off, it tends to
come off and stay together.  My tank conditions are as follows:

Temp 87F
pH 6.2-6.4
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 20 ppm
GH 12 degrees
KH 2 degrees (this is right after a water change, before I get as low as
zero degrees)

    The tank is a 55g lit with 2 40W florecents (1 plant & aqauarium and
i cool white).  I am going to change to 2 Chroma 50s but haven't gotten
out to the hardware store yet.  There are currently 7 discus, 9 ottos, 2
clown loaches, 1 clown pleco and about 9 ghost shrump in the tank.  As
for plants, I have about 25 corkscrew val, 4 small amazon swords and 2
    If antone can halp identify my algae or, more importantly, suggest a
way to get rid of it.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Also, is there
anything that I could put in the tank to slowly dissolve and keep the KH
at about 3 degrees? The water is only 4 degrees KH out of the tap.

Mark Storch
Carnegie Mellon Univeristy