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Re: creeping plants

Jennifer wrote, Sat, Nov. 8:

>I have a 77 gal. tank with 160 watts of Chroma 50 over the top. The
>problem is >my H.polysperma and Ludwigia are creeping across the bottom.
>They have a nice
>red color and appear healthy. Is this too much light or not enough? It's
>been suggested there's enough light, if that's the case, how can I get them
>to grow up? Plant them closer together? Any suggestions would be

Hygorphila and Ludwigia both grow this way when they have good light and
room to spread.  They send out horizontal stems and take over as big an
area as they can.  When the light is lower or when there is crowding and
shading by other plants, they grow upright.  Other plants that do this are
Hydrilla verticillata and Limnophilia aquatica.  This growth pattern is
what these plants do when they are healthy and have room to spread.

Paul Krombholz in, chilly, cloudy Jackson, Mississippi