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Re: Duckweed and nitrogen fixation

TYELLA at aol_com wrote, Sat, Nov. 8:
>Hello all,
>      I may be misremebering, but doesn't duckweed fix atmospheric nitrogen?
> If so, it may cause some problems.   I doubt, however, that an aquarium will
>ever be nitrogen limited, so maybe there will be no problem at all.

Duckweed doesn't fix nitrogen, but a similar floating plant, Azolla does in
a mutualistic relationship with the bluegreen alga, Anabena.  This nitrogen
fixation is as important for rice farmers as is the fixation by alfalfa and
other legumes for farmers who grow terrestrial crops.

An aquarium can become nitrogen deficient especially when it has a lot of
plants, good light, CO2 fertilization, and not a large biomass of fish.

Paul Krombholz in, chilly, cloudy Jackson, Mississippi