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Re: Plant Nutrient Deficiencies

A M Moore wrote, Nov. 6:

>Could anyone give me a good idea what to look for for basic:-
>1) Magnesium deficiency ??
>2) Calcium deficiency ??

Magnesium deficiency shows up in the old leaves first.  They tend to turn
yellow and die from the edges inward with the main vein often staying green
until the whole leaf dies.

Calcium deficiency shows up in the new leaves which become distorted
(curled, cupped, twisted, or bent) and smaller.  Often part of the blade
area is missing, but the midrib (main vein) persists.  When calcium
dificiency is more severe, the leaves are even less developed, more
distorted and grow out white or have white streaks in them.  Soon
afterwards the growing point dies and no leaves are produced at all.  The
roots also die at their tips and look stubby and twisted.

Paul Krombholz in, chilly, cloudy Jackson, Mississippi