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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1064

Brian, I'm just north of Boston. The Boston Aquarium Society meeting is
coming up, and IMHO one of the better societies around :D We meet the 3rd
Monday of the month, aboard The Discovery (The ship next to NE Aquarium) on
the top floor. Folks start showing up about 7:20 or so, meeting starts at 8.

Off hand I can't remember who's having what for events. But if you come to
the meeting I usually have a list in our newsletter. Good topic this month
for a speaker too, Wally Bush on Dwarf Cichlids. We have a monthly auction,
and if we're lucky enough, Karen Randall might bring some of her great plants
for auction. Hope to see you there.


In a message dated 11/9/97 4:47:38 AM, you wrote:

<<Anybody else in the Boston area? Do you guys know of any events coming up?

Bain Chin
bchin at mit_edu