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New tank recommendations request

First let me thank those of you who post regularly.  I have "lurked" for
a while on this list and on Discus-L, I respect your opinions and am now
asking for help.  I am planning a live-plant discus tank.  From the
posts I have seen, I think this is possible.  PLEASE tell me if you
think I'm wrong.

The space I have for the tank is about 5.5' x 1.5' x 2' high (roughly
125 gal).  It is a spot left in the built-in cabinets we recently had
installed.  Under the proposed tank location, there is a space approx.
32" x 24" z 20" high (about half the space under the tank).  This is
inside a small cabinet and is for filters pumps etc.  I am considering
using a glass tank and a closed filter system like an Eheim (although I
have something a little more involved in mind).

My questions are:
1.  What manufactures would you recommend for custom glass tanks?  (I
live in So. Cal.) And why?

2.  What are your thoughts on reinforcing (glass) pieces glued in the
top of the tank vs thicker glass and a totally open top? Other options?

3.  What are your thoughts regarding my specifying a "corner-box" type
water pick-up/intake for the filers; one which  contains floss for a
pre-filter and can be completely flooded so that it doesn't strip the
CO2 from the water?  Other options?

4.  What recommendations do you have for water returns the tank?  Top,
middle, bottom, combination?  Strong water movement, moderate, or
gentle?  Holes in tank back and/or bottom or not (as opposed to up and
over the back)?  

5.  How many tank-volume-turn-overs per hour is good for discus/plant

Full as well as partial responses will be equally appreciated.  Direct
mail is certainly O.K. for answers not believed to be of general
interest.  I will try to return the favor when I feel I have something
to contribute.  My thanks in advance. 

Spike Cover
<scover at pacbell_net>