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Re: Brine Shrimp

Darren Hanson writes:

<< Also, the artemia native to San Francisco Bay
> are a different species than those from the Great Salt Lake. I forget which
> is the larger of the two though. >>

I have always been under the impression that of the 22 species of fairy
shrimp indigenous to the U.S., only Artemia salina is a salt water species,
and that all brine shrimp are of this same species.  However, with their
isolation from one another, it is reasonable that separate speciation would
occur.  Does anyone know what the second species is called, and which is
which?  Also, what about brine shrimp from Mono Lake or any of the other
small, isolated salt lakes around the West?

Bob Dixon, in Boise, where we are still reaching the 50's every day.