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Species compatible with hard water?

Well, my once-proud 50 gallon planted discus tank now holds 3 plastic
plants, 2 clown loaches (which ate the few remaining plants), and a truly
astounding number of trumpet snails (which the loaches will not touch).

So, I'm ready to start over. The basic problem is that my tap water here
(Salt Lake City) is massively hard and basic (~8.0 pH). I simply haven't
had  time to play amateur water chemist lately (hence the current sorry
state of my tank). Since I'm not likely to gain more free time, I am
considering trying to set up a low-tech tank with the liquid rock we
natives fondly call water.

The FAQ offers Java Fern and vals as options for hard/high pH condition;
can anybody suggest other species that might do well under these

On the same note, any plant-friendly hard-water fish? I am considering
rainbowfish, mollies and kilies; any others for the list?