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10 gal lighting options

Hi all,
I have a question concerning lighting on my 10 gal tank.  Right now, the
tank is cylced and has a vermiculite/loam substrate covered with gravel and
2 kribensis.  I will add DIY CO2 soon and I already have PMDD to dose with.
I will be hanging a 24" fixture over the open tank (couldn't find a cheap
18") that will house either 1 or 2 20 watt Chroma 50 bulbs.  If I had two
bulbs, that would be 4 watts per gallon, which is, IMO, A LOT!!  But, if I
only had the single 20 watt bulb, it would be 2 watts per gallon.  I am
under the impression that the 40 watts would be more beneficial if I inject
CO2, but a greater chance of an algae outbreak concerns me.  What does
everyone else think?  BTW, I will be growing all kinds of plants such as
anubias, swords, hygro, and others that require both high light and low
light levels.  Any thoughts will be appreciated.

B.J. Smith
jesmith at sonnet_com  
Smith Fam <jesmith at sonnet_com>