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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1063

> IMHO, you can expect lots of problems!  Why switch?  Aquasuns are very
> bright to start out and go "down hill" rapidly!  Save your money and
> change.  If your above plants are not growing well now, just add some
> aragonite powder, ground oyster shells or clam shells.

I've been using VHO AquaSun bulbs for 3yrs now and have been positively
thrilled with the results I've gotten from these bulbs.  I highly recommend
them for their quality and LONG life.  In my experience, the URI lamps last
a long time.

To answer the original person's question, I have had remarkable plant
growth with these lamps.  I don't attribute all of my success to the
lighting as I also use Dupla fertilizers and CO2 which I feel deserve most
of the credit.  The VHO AquaSuns are a great alternative to Metal Halide

As for aragonite, oyster & clam shells, what does that have to do with