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Meeting Notice - Tampa Bay Aquarium Society

7 November 1997

Fellow Fish Freaks,

 I would like to invite any of you that may be interested that Mike
Jacobs, an aquarist from St. Petersburg, will be talking about one of
his favorite fishes, the Apistogrammas, dwarf Cichlids from South
	Mike has been specializing in Apisto's for many moons now and has
acquired and bred numerous of the hard to get and common species. 
Although the presentation is a new one, husbandry and species
identification will be covered.

Mike is the web master of the David Soares Apistogramma site at:


Mike, will be speaking and showing in a computer generated program
slides at the November 10th, 1997 Meeting of the Tampa Bay Aquarium

	The Tampa Bay Aquarium Society meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 7
PM at the Florida Aquarium, 701 Channelside Drive, Tampa, Florida 33602.
For further information call Bill Shields at 813-972-2214. Every meeting
features a speaker or other program of aquatic interest. In addition an
auction of fish related goods and fish is held each meeting. Fishkeepers
from beginners to experts are invited to attend. For membership contact
Al Knowles at 813-932-5447 or write 1101 W. Kirby St., Tampa, FL 33604. 
Visit our Web Site at

Thanks for listening,

Mr. Fish