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New plants dying/help

I just received (on Monday) an order from Arizona Aquatic Gardens. This
was a fairly large order, to re-plant my 55g tank. The plants arrived in
somewhat sad condition. I was assured by Peter (at Arizona) that they
were fine, an to go ahead and plant.

I did. Now I think it was a mistake. The Dwarf sags are almost all dead
(20 total ordered). At least 6 (out of 8)of the crypto wendtii are
almost colorless/pale/stringy leaves. The vals (probably 10 out of 25)
are also looking pretty sick. 

Arizona is closed for inventory this week, and has not returned my call.

My question is whether or not I should take out the dead and dying ASAP,
take them all out, or just let it go?

I just re-started this tank after suffering a severe algae problem, and
do not want to have disaster # 2 follow so quickly.

I am injecting CO2, but do not expect this to bring them back from the
dead. I will be happy just to keep the live ones going.

Thanks for any advice.