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Re: brown algae problem

> Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 16:31:59 -0500
> From: Shireen Gonzaga <shireen at stsci_edu>
> Hi ...
> I've got a brown algae problem, and urgently need some advice. This
> tank is an exhibit at a wildlife refuge that features native fish and
> plants. I don't have daily access to it, and it's maintained by a 
> network of volunteers.

Ramshorn snails (probably Planorbis corneum) will eat lots of brown algae.
I don't know if they are exclusively Eurasian or whether they are native
to North America as well, but if you can't use them for authenticity
reasons, you should be able to find a native snail that will fill the
same niche.  

One place to get more info on suitable native critters for your exhibit is
Adey and Loveland's book Dynamic Aquaria.  They have a species list of a
Chesapeake Bay mesocosm they set up.  You could also just gather some mud 
and plants from ponds or streams in the wildlife refuge and see if you can
bring in some more organisms to balance the algae growth.