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Re: Phosphates and Carbon

>I believe that the whole idea behind the activated carbon replacement 
>products, is that all activated carbon leaches some phosphate into 
>the water.  Since this is a concern, especially with reef tanks, some 
>advertisements for activated carbon list the phosphate content.  I 
>guess the higher quality activated carbon only leaches a very small 

You're right ! There is, however, some things to do agains the phosphates :
- Water changes (10% at least per week)
- To use the DuplaCristal
- To use a Deltec denitrator (the best in the world !!!) In under some special conditions, it can remove the phosphates (or a great quantity at least).

Deltec is made by Marine aquaristik, and the use of such a denitrator in fresh water is a great thing. Bye bye Algae !!! :-) But in that case, it's good to place a redox controller at the output of the denitrator.


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