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Meeting Notice - Coastal Aquarium Society

4 November 1997

Fellow Fish Freaks,

 I would like to remind any of you that may be interested that Henri
DeBruyn, an aquarist from Belgium, will be talking about one of his
famous collecting trips to Africa.
 Henri, a winter time resident of Florida, will be speaking and showing
slides at the November Meeting of the Coastal Aquarium Society about his
collecting trip to the West African country of the Ivory Coast.  Henri
has collected all over the world, including a two week 2500 mile
collecting trip of Florida in 1985.
 Henri will be talking about the biotopes and fishes found in West
Africa.  For those interested in the dwarf Cichlids, the killifish and
the other interesting fish, such as the Mormyrids.  Henri guarantees to
please everyone.
The meeting takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, November 5th, 1997.  Hope
you can make it.
 The Coastal Aquarium Society meets the 1st Wednesday of every month at
7:30 PM at Mote Marine Mammal Research Center, City Island, Sarasota,
FL. Every meeting features a speaker or other program of aquatic
interest. In addition an auction of fish related goods and fish is held
each meeting. Fishkeepers from beginners to experts are invited to

 More information on the Coastal Aquarium Society, which meets at Mote
Marine Aquarium and Research Center in Sarasota, Florida.  Can be found
on their web site at:

Thanks for listening,

Mr. Fish