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RE: Visi-Lux E-Ballasts

You may want to consider using electronic ballasts that are available
from a local electrical supplier.  They will probably cost you around
$25 each, although they won't have a fancy plastic case.  You will have
to wire them yourself, however they often have a wiring diagram on the
label (or just ask the guy selling it to you).  Then you can select the
endcaps that you prefer, and place the ballast where you want (although
there is a limit to how long the wires from the ballast to endcaps can

You will also have to add a power cord.

As for their track record, if you get one of the major brands
(Motorola/GE, Osram, etc.), thousands are in use everyday in many
commercial buildings.

Wade Shimoda
Honolulu, HI