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Re: Miniature underwater tree

>From: Casey Huang <yhplsing at singnet_com.sg>

>Can someone please suggest any plant that resembles or could be
>pruned to look like a miniature tree under water.
>A) Single stalk / main stem (trunk) coming out from the substrate.
>B) No branching from the first 2" - 3" above substrate or could be
>   pruned to that effect.
>C) Remain submerged.

I think your best bet is Hygrophila corymbosa.  It could be purned to look
like a miniature tree.  It would tend to grow out of the water but could be
pruned back.  It has a sufficiently sturdy stem  to be  tree-like.  It may
try to keep growing lower branches, but these could be nipped off.
Hygrophila difformis would also behave the same way.

Paul Krombholz in sunny, bright, Jackson, Mississippi,