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metal halide vs. fluorescent

Charles Rogers wrote:

>	Do people on the list believe that the only lighting that will
>work on a planted is the Metal Halide?

None of the people I know believe that.

> I was reading a magazine article
>that said "the only lighting that works is the Metal Halide" 

Then George Booth, I and a number of others have been pulling the wool over
a lot of people's eyes for a long time.  

>hesitation is that I don't want to make pea soup out my water....Any
>advice would be appreciated.

Good quality NO fluorescent bulbs will give you close to the same intensity
per watt as metal halides.  Energy efficient T-8's are actually even a
little better.

There are two excellent reasons to choose metal halide lighting.

1.  The tank has too little surface area to accomodate enough fluorescent
tubes to light the tank properly.

2.  The aquarist would prefer an open top system.

Beyond these, whether to use metal halides or fluorescents is totally up to
the desires of the individual aquarist.  
Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association