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Hydroponics supplier

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 18:38:45 -0500 (EST)
From: Earle Hamilton <ehami at sunny_ncmc.cc.mi.us>
Subject: Hydroponics lights and lead strips

Some time ago the question of where to get those little aquatic plant
baskets lead to a suggestion to try hydroponics supplies search on the
net.  While there was a rock wool growing medium I was unable to find
little baskets.  This post covers two subjects.  Baskets and lead strips

and (2) hyrdroponics lights.

 --Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew

 Earle:   I know where to get the little plastic baskets that your
looking for.   Try Eco Enterprises @   http://www.bhw.com/eco    or
write for their catalog @ 1240 N.E. 175th St.Suite B, Shoreline, WA
98155   They also have an 800 number @ 1-800-426-6937.  They are a
Hydroponics supplier with all kinds of good Stuff.
Jim C.
From Sunny Florida, where coral still grows.