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Re: Q: low tech, low maintence tank

I also have a low maintenance tank. The cats think its a water bowl! I
believe it is a seven gallon that i keep on my office desk at home. It has
been set up for about 3 months now and is doing very well. I started it
outside in the
summer and had a green water problem. I added a water hyacinth (spelling?) and
in less then two weeks it was gone. The tank is inside now and still doing
very well.  It contains a couple of plants that I took from my fish pond, 1
umbrella palm (which rises about 2 1/2 ' above the tank), 2 lizards tail
(which rise 
about 6" above the tank). The umbrella palm is by far the the center piece
(even though its
in the corner) and it's not to big for the tank so far.
        The substrate is 2" of very clayish garden soil covered with 1/2" sand then
1" of gravel.  
        It also contains some aquatics, such as numerous pygmy chain swords, 1
java fern, 2 small swords, and a little java moss.
        It also contains five white cloud mountain minnows. These guys tolerate
temps between 40F - 85F. I also added some dwarf african clawed frogs who also
seem happy.
        I don't use a heater or a filter and it gets light from a window. I
love it. I feed the fish once maybe twice a day with flake and an
occasinal dose of live food such as tubifex or drosophilia.