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Phosphates and Carbon

I'm interested in ways of controlling phosphate levels in a planted tank
with a persistent hair-algea problem.  I use tap water buffered to around 7
with Acid BUffer.  Does regular activated carbon remove phosphates?  I'm
considering using other media, but it looks very expensive to use
regularly.  What about the Phosphate Filter Pad with Red Algea inhibitor
(by Precision Aquarium Testing)?  I just installed UV, i know it won't
effect existing algea in the tank but will it prevent new outbreaks in the
future if i were to eradicate the present algea with erythromycin?  What
effect will erythromycin have on my plants other than increase phosphates
if left in the water?  Thanks for any advice and all the help i've gotten
from list members in the past (thanks especially to the Booth's for their
informative articles and web site).