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Re: Q: low tech, low maintence tank

> From: Bain Chin <bchin at MIT_EDU>
> Subject: Q: low tech, low maintence tank
> Hi folks,
> I am interested in the experiences of others who keep low maintenance/low
> tech tanks. I am trying to learn ways to keep a planted tank that requires
> almost no work.

I have had a low tech tank for over a year now. It holds about 35 
litres and has a heater and some 26 watts of compact fluorescent 
light. The tank is heavily planted (valisneria, pistia, duckweed) and 
also quite heavily stocked with guppies. I feed once or two times 
daily and change about 25% of water every week. The substrate is 
gravel, although the plants were originally growing in trays with 
some soil below the gravel (now they have spread all over the tank). 

I never actualy measured water quality in this tank. The fish seem 
healthy and happy though and the plant growth is very good.