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Electrolysis CO2 System

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your input.

Sorry to disappoint you (I never get screwed) but I got mine
at less than half of the U.S. published price based on exchange
rate at time of purchase which was 6 - 7 months ago. I am
a bar-gainer not a screw-gainer.

I was attracted to it because it is based on the principle of
electrolysis of H2O.

When I first saw it on an exhibition and it was not for sale,
I went back and made one out of plastic sheet (as spacer),
stainless steel sheet and graphite plate the same day. I
connected it to a benchtop DC power supply and the prototype
was working straight away creating lots and lots of fine bubbles.
After running for a few hours, I discovered that the graphite
plate started to disintegrate and small pieces of carbon particles
started to flow out with the bubbles. Since the power supply has
constant voltage / current, overload / short circuit protected,
I could continue using it without problems. Later I lowered
the current to reduce the intensity of the process but after a
few days, the graphite plate still broke off in flakes and the
centre part became de-laminated. I called the agent and bought
2 of the demo units from the exhibition at slightly cheaper than
normal end user's price. One of the unit I have replaced with a
new carbon plate one month ago, the other one I am still able to
use it despite some cracks. Other than the high replacement cost
for the carbon plate, low CO2 output and occasional cleaning of
the scum, I don't have other problems. I feel that the
electrolysing process for CO2 generation is very promising
as an alternative to CO2 bottle (especially for people like me
whom do not like to be near or work with high pressure vessel).
Also one can use the same method to generate O2 which could be
used to increase the dissolved oxygen level to support
overstocked tank, help to oxidise organic waste in the tank,
oxidise the iron (I know George is going to say something about
this), maybe (disclaimer again) kill some bacteria. Kind of like
having Ozone / KMnO4 dosing.

By the way, I have read from "Koi Health and Disease" by
Dr. Erik L. Johnson, D.V.M. (I am not related to him in
anyway other than I bought his book - disclaimer again!!)
he mentioned in his book that there is a new product under
development called Oxy-Klear manufactured by NOGSYS technology
seems (disclaimer again) working on the same principle. You
can get some information about koi health and disease 
(applicable to people not keeping koi since koi are also fish
right?) at http://www.koivet.com. Get the book because it
provide more detailed information.   

I am not an expert in electro-chemistry (I am not trying to be
modest but disclaimer is very important before you say anything
on the internet) but from the limited knowledge I have
and experience gained through toying with my own prototype, I
think NISSO must have done some research on the power supply
(I suspected but never confirm the DC waveform on a scope) and
especially on the Carbon / Graphite plate in terms of density,
grade, particle size, strength, grain direction etc.. so that
the carbon plate can last for months not days.

I don't think one can get just any piece of carbon plate with
the same size as replacement. I do hope, someone would come
up with a replacement carbon plate that cost much less and last
much longer and oh before I forget self cleaning. In the worst
case, I can always use the NISSO control unit (power supply) to
power my 2nd prototype (improved version) which is still
cheaper than the benchtop DC supply I was using initially. 

If anyone have any experience / information about the NISSO
system and inforamtion on electrolysis please give me / us
(can I speak for others? I know Roxanne would be interested
also) your input.

Sorry, for the long post. Must be getting old. 

Casey Huang

yhplsing at singnet_com.sg

>>There is a picture and some information on the Electrolysis CO2
>>System at http://marine-monsters.com/front/products/co2.html. 
>Well, Casey, I think you got screwed.  These guys have been
>taking Dupla lessons on pricing but not on quality.  For $44 for
>a piece of carbon worth a few cents, they should give you
>unbelievable service.  

>Dave Gomberg, FormMaestro!                     http://www.wcf.com
> gomberg at wcf_com