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Aponogeton Flower Stalk

I have an A. crispus that has put out an approximately 2 foot long flower stalk that I finally noticed last night (it is in a corner of the tank in bad need of some pruning!)  So I lifted about a 3 inch segment of it out of the water and awoke to find it split and tiny little white flowers forming.  My question is what to do next.  I know (I think!) that the flowers won't self-pollinate and you can use a brush to spread the pollen around.  But what about the seeds that form (hopefully)?  If someone could provide some insight into propagation of this plant I would be most thankful.  Also, I can rig my glass canopy to expose a lot more of the stalk--would this produce more flowers or does only the end of the stalk produce flowers?  TIA
Lindy Brooks in Denver, CO where memories of a blizzard are fresh in our minds.