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> Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 21:07:29 -0500
> From: AUGIE-E <AUGIE-E at prodigy_net>


> I've been in the hobby for over twenty years and one fish that
> I've used for controlling hair and beard algae I've never seen posted
> here, Florida Flags (jordonella floridae).

Actually, the common name for *Jordanella floridae* is American-Flag
fish. because the red stripes on the sides and the blue shoulder of the
males looks like an American flag. Many authors have been sloppy about
application of the hyphen in the compound adjective, resulting in the
kind of inadvertent "renaming" seen here.


> and get along with everyone. 

Except themselves. If you give them conditions conducive to breeding,
the males may become very territorial when they try to build nests, and
females *will* get shredded after a spawn, worse than Bettas. They are
delightfully peaceful with other fish, and show why this kind of killy
earns the name "pupfish." They act like little puppies when in happy
conditions. [Veggie supplements mandatory for that, tho.] Incredibly
social fish, IMHO.

Unlike mollies, that other true algae-eating fish, *floridae* really can
take big bites out of tough plants. Their teeth are amazing.

Sucker mouths are primarily for hanging onto rocks in swift water, and I
know of none of those fish equal to mollies or pupfish for algae-eating
efficiency. Otos and a few small pl*kos aren't bad, but algae
consumption is minor by comparison. Thanks for reminding us, Augie.


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