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NISSO Electric CO2 Generator

Hi All,

Could someone please offer an explanation why the carbon
plate would crack after using for a few months. Is it due
to scum build-up on the anode and cathode such that the
current density increases on certain area causing 
localised heating / stress?

How does the control unit detect the carbon plate is no
longer in working condition thus causing the LED to blink?
Is it through changes of resistance / impedence value?

Which physical / chemical properties of the carbon plate
get altered through usage over a period of time such that
the carbon plate could not be used again even after
cleaning and needs to be replaced with a new one? How to
slow down this deterioration process to prolong the lifespan
of the carbon plate?

What is the best way to clean away the scum?

Perhaps someone from Japan, Taiwan R.O.C. and Germany could
provide some answers since from what I understand, the said
product has been marketed already in those countries for
some time.

There is a picture and some information on the Electrolysis CO2
System at http://marine-monsters.com/front/products/co2.html. 


yhplsing at singnet_com.sg