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Re: Sequence for attaching CO2

> Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 18:17:12 -0500
> From: "NOREEN A. MURPHY" <nmurphy at gis_net>
> Pet Warehouse (from whom I ordered an Ultralife reactor and bubble
> counter) told me the sequence should be:
> Outtake from aquarium ---> into Eheim ---> into CO2 reactor (which will
> be attached to receive CO2 from the cylinder) ---> return the water to
> the tank.
> Which is the proper way to do this? Before or after filtration?

Eheim filters are not designed to pump against much resistance.  The
impeller is just strong enough to keep water moving. The filter
depends the inlet and outlet being at the same height and lets the
siphon effect do most of the work. I don't know how the Ultralife
reactor is constructed, but if it presents any resistance to the flow
of water, the performance of the filter may be impacted adversely.

I would suggest putting the reactor in the tank and use a powerhead to
move water through it (if it is designed to be used in the tank).

Otherwise, put the reactor before the Eheim -- the siphon will have no
problem moving water through it.  You may even get a more efficient
reactor due to the increased water pressure from the three to four
foot head if the filter is under the tank.

> After reading postings from earlier years, it seems people put the CO2
> in before the aquarium water is filtered, not on the way back to the
> tank.
Folks have used the filter itself as a reactor by simply letting the
CO2 flow into the inlet.  The filter media holds the CO2 bubbles long
enough for most of it to become dissolved. This is what you've
probably read.

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at fii_com)
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