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Sea Lights?

Does anyone have any experience dealing with the "Sea Lights" compact
lighting system for small aquaria?  They sell a system which appears to
utilize PowerCompact type bulbs, which will fit easily on a 10 gallon
aquarium and has a 28 watt 5000k bulb and a 9 watt 7100k bulb..Seems it
would be perfect for my 10 gallon planted tank (it is REALLY difficult to
get decent lights for a 10 gallon!  The system above runs about $70.00

My other thought was to buy 2 18" strip light units and mount them in some
sort of simple wooden housing and mount that over the tank...I really need
more light than the stock 15 watts to fully utilize my CO2 injection...

Chris Schmelzer, M-1
Medical College of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI