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Re: Triton Tube

Jean-Paul wrote:
> Does somebody know the information I need about the Triton fluorescent
tubes ? :
> - - Lumens per watt
> - - Kelvin degree
> - - RCI


Since the electricity in the U.S. is different than in Europe and other
parts of the World, I would suggest that you contact Interpet via E-mail
<aexell at interpet_co.uk> for the above information.  Adrian Exell is very
knowledgeable and I'm certain will respond.  I do believe that all European
tubes are T-8, and some T-10 from Japan. 

Tritons certainly work well for me; lasting two years without dropping more
than 10% in effectiveness (brilliance); good color and great plant growth. 
I believe that the Triton RCI here in the U.S. is 92 and the Kelvin degree
is 12,500. Really, though, I don't think that this is the most important
thing about this tube.

Good luck,