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Green cloudy water and Nitrate level.

     I have observed something strange in my 55G tank that I do not 
     I started to use PMDD (1/2 ml/d (without KNO3 in the mix)). The tank 
     always had high nitrate (40 PPM). I also started to use extra 
     potassium sulfate 1/4 tsp/d. The nitrate level went down very sharply 
     within a week to a non-detectable level (Kordon's low range nitrate 
     test kit). At this point I started to add KNO3 but in a very small 
     amount (1/2 ml/d (1tbs with 500ml water)). Still I could not detect 
     the nitrate level. Now the tank water started to turn greenish and 
     cloudy. The tank was full of green hair algae when I started to use 
     PMDD. Now the tank is 80% free of any algae (a big improvement).  
     I thought that the green water is due to not enough nitrate in the 
     water and I increased KNO3. The moment I use increased amount of KNO3 
     the tank clears up but by the end of the day the nitrate level goes 
     down to 0 and tank turns green again. Anyone experienced this before? 
     Could someone explain what is going on here? 
     I am puzzled at this point.
     Thank you
     -Enayet Talukder