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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1043

> Question:  are we harming the aponogetons by not taking them out of the 
> and putting them in a moist cool place when they die back?  I thought I
> saw someone recommending that.

I've been wondering the same thing and would appreciate a note if you get 
any information.

> Question:  our aponogetons have several flowers now, most with a few 
> developing.  Can anyone recommend how to harvest the seeds and grow them?

I took care to pollinate each flower stalk from a different one when mine 
flowered a couple of months ago.  Soon they became covered with seed pods, 
which I left to themselves.  When the seeds were obviously gone from the 
stalks I removed them.

Evidently the seeds did very well left to themselves - I now have a dozen 
or two 3" A. Crispii scattered throughout the tank. :)

(Apologies to everyone for my IceCap message this morning wherein I 
included an entire, mercifully small, digest.  Still getting used to a new 
email package...)

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